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Skeeter's Pro Barrel Wax - E-Z Rub Application (2 oz)

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  Skeeter's Pro Barrel Wax -

  E-Z Rub Application (2 oz)




  • Purpose - Specifically formulated for sealing leaky oak aging barrels

  • Consistency - Soft & pliable to withstand normal expansion/contraction with changing humidity & temperature

  • Formula Neutral - Tasteless & odorless formula will not impart flavor into your spirit

  • Container - FDA compliant, seamless (non-aluminum) tin plate construction | Solid screw-top lid closes securely

  • Safe Application - Easy finger application & cleanup | NO heat gun or torch required to remove wax from container



Apply minimal amount of oak barrel sealing wax directly to the area leaking. Using mild pressure, rub with index finger working wax into wood's grain. Wipe away excess barrel wax with dry cloth. Repeat as needed.

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