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Skeeter's Reserve™ Cherry Bourbon Whiskey Essence - Flavor Concentrate - Mixers & Cooking Recipes

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Cherry Bourbon Whiskey is simply an innovative & incredibly delicious cherry infused Kentucky bourbon.

Skeeter's Reserve™ Premium Cherry Bourbon Whiskey Essence for cooking, spirits, and more is a concentrated flavoring that can be used in a variety of ways to add a flavor boost to your creations.

Create your own amazing barrel aged spirits with this cherry flavored bourbon essence. Mix a 20 ml bottle of Skeeter's Reserve™ Premium Essence to a 750ml bottle of neutral spirit (rail vodka, grain alcohol or moonshine) and age to taste in an Authentic handcrafted oak aging barrel.

Official Essence Reloads for The Outlaw Kit™

1 Liter - 1 Bottle of Essence

2 Liter - 2 Bottles of Essence

3 Liter - 4 Bottles of Essence

5 Liter - 7 Bottles of Essence

10 Liter - 13 Bottles of Essence

20 Liter - 26 Bottles of Essence


  • BBQ SAUCE - Add our Bourbon Essence to your homemade BBQ sauce recipe to add flair to ribs, burgers and chicken.
  • GLAZES - Try our Honey Malt or Honey Bourbon Essence as a finishing touch in a glaze for grilled or roasted meats.
  • BAKED GOODS - Mix our Rum Essence to your baking projects like cookies and cakes to jazz up those tasty sweet treats.
  • COFFEE CREAMER - Add a splash of our Brandy or Dublin Whiskey Essence to your favorite coffee creamer to take your java to the next level.