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Whichever option best fits your needs, trust that we will deliver for you. We stand behind EVERY single product we produce. If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied until you are. American Oak Barrel is a trusted industry leader! It's more than a name, its who we's what we do!


OPTION 1: Own a traditional "Brick & Mortar" store?

Well clear some shelf space and add that "WOW" factor to your store! Imagine adding a unique product that may be nowhere else in your town, county or even state. Some of our resellers enjoy this distinction already.

American Oak Barrel's products are guaranteed "eye-catchers" for wine & spirit enthusiasts. Gift grabbers can't resist the unique factor. With optional laser engraved branding available on most of our products, your establishment will stay "top of mind" with every shot poured. Our products are handcrafted from premium quality, american white oak & feature a medium toast char. Several barrel products & accessories are available. All pre-qualified retailers enjoy wholesale multi-tier pricing & attractive margins. Contact us with the form below and let's get started today!



OPTION 2: Own an e-commerce site & sell online?

Well hold down the shift key and start hitting the 4 key! Those are dollar signs you just created and thats how easy it is to start cashing in on American Oak Barrel's successful line of quality products. We offer a NO RISK, ALL REWARD program. That means:

  • ZERO up front financial commitment required.
  • ZILTCH inventory to manage
  • NADA orders to ship.

Here's how it works:

  • Your customer purchases and pays you
  • Login to your account & place the order with us
  • We complete your order and ship to your customer
Seamless Drop-Ship Innovation at its best. We supply all the SKU images, product descriptions & pricing. If this option is a good fit for you then, "what are you waiting for"? Contact us in the form below and let's get started today!