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Contact: Kyeta King or Derek Noyes 
American Oak Barrel Co. 
941 BARRELS (227.7357)

Looks Good, Tastes Great, Priced Right!

Cheers 2 American Oak Barrel Success

Baltimore, Maryland, May 28, 2013 — American Oak Barrel specializes in custom manufactured small batch barrels for aging spirits. Based in Glen Burnie, Maryland, they offer 6 different barrel sizes from 1 liter to 20 liter and plans are in the works for even larger sizes. The facility is also tooled with a laser engraving machine, offering full customization (logos, photos, custom designs) on all their barrel products. All barrels are handcrafted from American white oak and feature a medium toast char. “American Oak Barrel didn’t create the barrel”, says proprietor Kyeta King, “that goes back to the Roman Empire, but what we have done is empowered the end user to create their own unique flavor through aging at a very affordable price point.” Aging is a reaction between the sugar in the oak and the spirit. Our charring process draws the sugar from the oak. That sugar caramelizes on the inner wall as it cools. The sugar mellows the harshness of the spirit. The longer spirits age, the smoother they get. Why pay the distilleries to age your spirits when you can do it yourself at a fraction of the cost? Another huge benefit is in the physics. By virtue of size, these smaller barrels age spirits 8 – 10 times faster than the 55 gallon counterparts at the distillery. Decrease the size and you increase the surface ratio.

In addition to aging, American Oak Barrel has unveiled the “Outlaw Kit”! With over 80 flavors, turn an ordinary bottle of rail vodka (or other neutral spirit) into your own blend of bourbon, whiskey, scotch, rum, liqueur, gin and schnapps. They state “it’s easier than oatmeal in a microwave to make and no buttons to push!” When asked about the targeted consumer they seek, company co-founder Derek Noyes said “we are really excited about the power our product has in capturing people’s attention. It’s a product that is visually appealing, fully functional and pays for itself rather quickly. We are targeting all fans of spirits so the demographic is 21 to dead! Within that range, a large percentage of consumers engage in consumption at home and in social settings. So, whether you are a casual drinker or 3rd generation moonshiner, these barrels have mass appeal in a world where “down time” is hard to come by and disposable income is tight.” It’s a truly unique product that can reduce your libation cost by as much as two-thirds, it looks great on your bar, bookshelf, kitchen counter and with the personalized customization, it’s a real conversation piece when company arrives.”

Since launching, inquiries have already come from brew shops, liquor stores, wineries and a bridal shop. All their products can be purchased online though their website (, by phone (941.BARRELS) or, if you are lucky enough to visit their booth at several regional festivals throughout MD, VA, PA, NY, NJ, OH. Expect to see mall kiosks carrying their products over the holiday season. 

For additional information, contact Kyeta King or Derek Noyes at 941.227.7357. American Oak Barrel, 6711 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, Maryland, 21061

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