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American Oak Barrel™

American Oak Barrel™ Bungs

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American Oak Barrel™ Bungs 

Bung Sizes Hole Sizes Our Barrel Sizes*
Small 5/8 inch 1 - 5 Liter
Large 3/4 inch 10 - 20 Liter

* - These barrel bung sizes are specific to American Oak Barrel™ manufacturing specifications. Other manufacturers may use different size holes.  The only way to be sure is to measure your barrel's bung hole to insure a proper fit.

Replacement bungs will appear to be larger than the hole when first inserted.  This is done intentionally to insure an airtight seal.  When inserting a new bung, twist while pushing it into the hole to avoid damaging the foam strapping. Once you've inserted the whiskey barrel bungs, the foam strapping will quickly mold to the exact size of the hole and will become easier to remove and re-insert.