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American Oak Barrel™

American Oak Barrel™ Spigots

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American Oak Barrel™ Spigots 

Spigot Sizes Hole Sizes Our Barrel Sizes*
Small 1/2 inch 1 - 5 Liter
Large 3/4 inch 10 - 20 Liter

* - These barrel sizes are specific to American Oak Barrel™ manufacturing specifications. Other manufacturers may use different size holes.  The only way to be sure is to measure your barrel's spigot hole to insure a proper fit.



Replacement spigots should be inserted and firmly twisted into position.  If necessary, you may use a rubber mallet to gently hammer it in until snug.  Be careful not to hammer it too hard as damage can be caused to the barrel head and/or spigot.  Damaged caused by not following these simple instructions is NOT covered in your limited warranty.  The wooden barrel spigot only needs to be snug as it will swell into the hole once it becomes hydrated from the inside.